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A Toxic Combo for Youth: Drugs, Human Trafficking,
Social Media, and Mental Health
May 11, 2023

This webinar provides facts about the current state of youth drug use,

social media use, mental health, and human trafficking risk, then discusses the dark side of when these 4 topics create a toxic combination for our youth. It concludes with ways we, as adults, can reduce risk factors and increase protective factors with the young people in our lives in order

to make a difference in these 4 areas.


The presenter is Rikki Barton, Founder/Lead Consultant with Onward Consulting, LLC. She has worked in the substance use and suicide prevention field for 14 years and has actively volunteered with the

Stand Against Trafficking Coalition since 2012.


More Than Meets The Eye
January 21, 2021

Technology is not the enemy. But the reality is that our kid’s vulnerabilities can and are being exploited online. The worst-case scenarios have led to the crime of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST). This presentation is designed to impact your personal and professional life. An appropriate image and three words have the power to change your perspective. Together we will become increasingly educated and empowered for the sake of students we care about.

The presenter is Russ Tuttle, the founder and president of the Stop Trafficking Project.  Russ is also the creator and director of BeAlert, which is the prevention and awareness strategy of the Stop Trafficking Project. 

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